Off-Sites Links

The sites listed below are Non Comercial Organisations and Commercial Sites for Fire Products that we have been involved with or have used.

Non Commercial Organisations

The Steel Construction Institute The Steel Construction Institute develops and promotes the effective use of steel in construction. It is an independant, membership based organisation.
The Institution of Fire Engineers The Institution of Fire Engineers is a nominated body of The Engineering Council and a professional organisation serving the interests of both fire fighters and fire engineers within the United Kingdom.
The DCLG The Department of Communities and Local Government is the Goverment Department now responsible for Building Regulations and Fire Safety.

Commercial Sites for Fire Products

Sealmaster Sealmaster are best known for their range of smoke and fire seals with aluminium carriers.They also have a far broader range of products to upgrade the performance of existing timber doors and to provide effective fire stopping to apertures in fire resisting constructions.